Green Guide for Property Management    

Mon Feb 27, 2012


The Green Guide for Property Management provides some suggestions and ideas for large property owners to reduce stormwater pollution from their properties.

The complete guide can be downloaded here: Green Guide for Property Management

The photos and graphics from the guide have been made available for you to download and use in your outreach activities.  To get the photo or graphic that you want, click on one of the slideshows below, find the image you want, right click and select the size, and then select download.  if you have any problems, please email

Also, if you're giving a presentation and need some PowerPoint slides, we developed a presentation that is meant to accompany the guide.  Feel free to download the presentation below.

PowerPoint Presentation: Download Here





Click the album below to download PHOTOS from the Green Guide


Click the album below to download GRAPHICS from the Green Guide


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