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Personal Stories from the River: Toni Dougherty

Tue Jun 29, 2010 / Tom Davidock

 EPA’s Office of Wetlands,Oceans and Watersheds Sustainable Communities Healthy Watersheds 2009 Annual Report (840R09001)

I am definitely more aware than others of the health of streams and rivers. It’s all about proximity. You can see it. Compared to some of Jersey Rivers I have paddled on I was surprised at how free the Schuylkill was of litter and trash, especially so close to such a heavily populated area. I guess I have a very different perspective than most, for as a child (1960) I use to swim in the Schuylkill River at Indian River. At that time the river was brown after heavy storms from silt run off. However, paddling the Sojourn the water was clear with no silt after a very heavy downpour during the week. This was my first time in the area we traveled through the last two days on the Sojourn since the 60s. My time on the Schuylkill River surprised me by how much it has changed from the swampy dirty trash ridden mess that it once was. I wish the streets of Philadelphia looked so good.


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